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Eros Carboni

Via Guido da Bagnolo, 41
42011 Bagnolo in Piano
Reggio Emilia – Italy

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Factory of the champions, more than 30 years of deep selection among the best pigeons both in competitions and breading results . All the best races of the European champions are at the base of the selection in addition to the old races of CARBONI. Pigeons from Janssen, Van Loon, Van Denheede ,  C. & G. Koopman, , Eijerkamp, De Raw Sablon,  Gaby Vandenabeele, Van Breemen, David Barros Madeira, Markus Söllner, brothers Pinter, have created generations of top champions, well recognized in all part of Europe,  Africa, Asia and America.

The breeders Lofts, so called “Factory of the champions”, represent the result of several years of constant selection both from a sport attitude and high strain selection. Pigeons have been selected to be able to perform flights from every distance, short, middle and long. Every years the youngs are tested in competitions in order to certify the quality of the parents and the validity of the breeder pairs.

All the mentioned top pigeons, wisely and properly mixed, have contribute to realize the new unbeatable family  : Carboni & Mary Jang