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Reggio Emilia – Italy

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The History

Eros Carboni, was born shortly after the Second World War on 11 July 1949, in a modest family of great workers in the province of Reggio Emilia. Perhaps it was destiny or a mere coincidence, but Reggio Emilia is also the capital of the Italian homing pigeons sport and July is the most prestigious month of pigeon races.

At the age of 10 he already had some pigeons and when he was 12, he took part in his first race, this was the beginning of his pigeon career that will probably accompany him throughout his life.

At 17 he took the train and traveled 1200 km to Belgium, where his uncle lived and knew so many local pigeons. His uncle went mad for his constant requests to visit the most important pigeon lovers in Belgium. The local pigeons had great respect for his young age and his passion. He still keeps the breed in his lofts of some pigeons in Belgium. But above all he developed many long-standing friendships, which opened the door to true success for him in the future.


Can be considered as the professional start of Eros Carboni in homing pigeons sport, he could free himself from his job, build new dovecotes, recover the best of his old race and cross with the stock of personally selected pigeons of the Janssen brothers, Fabry, Desmet , Matthijs and Matrice Peloso.

He was Councilor of the Federazione Colombofila Italiana and international judge for 20 years.

In the new dovecotes extraordinary individuals and unrepeatable samples were bred, true non-stop flying machines, and in particular they won:

Most significant results over 1985 - 1990

Golden Ring – F.C.I. , 1 ° As F.C.I., 1st Golden Ring 1988, 1st Olympic Katowice 1989

2 times Golden Ring, 3rd Olympic Katowice 1989.Golden Pigeon FCI, Golden Ring 1989. 1st Golden Ring 1990, 1st Golden Ring 1991, Golden Pigeon FCI, 1st National from Otranto 800 km, 2nd provincial from Belvedere 710 km, with a total of 20,000 km prize

A particular mention goes to: MARZIANO – 152497-87, a flying monster with 24,000 km prize, 1st National from Crotone 800 km, 2 times Golden Ring FCI, MARZIANO was the father of L’ALIENA, great breeder of base pair.

Another super crack of that year was:

FUME – 152415-87, Golden Pigeon F.C.I. , 1st Golden Ring 1993, in 70 races obtained 70 awards, unique in Italy.

It is fair to recall that these sensational successes were achieved also thanks to the purchase of two extraordinary lines by Josef Peller from Budapest and by the Belgian Norbert Norman.

At that time he renewed his old friendships with Arendonk’s Janssen brothers, Reusel’s Jos Van Limpt “De Klak” and above all he met the great teacher Prof. Steven van Breemen of Hilversum. He relied on the mythical pigeons of Van Loon and Van Breemen.

This new line (Van Breemen for Van Loon) is now known as “VAN FOORT FAMILY” which means “GO FAST” in the local dialect

The Residence

The Carboni residence, completely renovated, is located in the middle of centuries-old trees in the Municipality of Bagnolo in Piano, not far from Reggio Emilia, which is the capital of the Italian homing pigeons sport. The villa is in liberty style, built over a century ago on the ruins of a convent, it is a place that merges the legend with modern history, where the true modern history is determined by the relentless pigeons of Eros, who made the line change natural flight of the pigeons that for decades has characterized the program of Italian races.

When Eros decided to buy the current residence, defined as “The temple of the Italian homing pigeons sport” and a reference point for numerous pigeon amateurs  from all over the world, the best friends advised against it because in this area the pigeons “always come later”, exactly by virtue of the non-optimal flight line position. But Eros, as a good stubborn, as he likes to define himself, always convinced that the flight line is indicated by the pigeons flying in front of the others, once again won the bet.

Since then Eros is the undisputed leader of the pigeon sport in Italy.

No one has ever managed to stay so long on the top step of the podium, also because the difficult Italian program is extremely intense, the adults participate on average in 15 races in a season with a minimum of 4 cross-country races, while the novels compete in 8 races of the championship and in other 2 races of 500 km.

The geographical area is not conducive to pigeons, normally they are freed in the deep South of Italy (Sicily) to fly to the North, where the highest concentration of the pigeon sport is found. In the long journey the pigeons must cross stretches of sea, high and medium mountains and overcome difficulties determined by the climatic conditions. In March, when training begins, fog and rain are routine, from May humidity and heat, sometimes close to 40 ° C and often accompanied by haze.

All these difficulties stimulate Eros more and more to beat his own records and his partner in life, Andrea, who besides being a good assistant, is also his fan “number one” and obstinate supporter.


In 2003 he received four Olympic pigeons in France.

A sporting season, that of 2003, as never happened before in the Italian homing pigeons sport culminated with the assignment of a prestigious civil honor: the conferment, by the President of the Italian Republic, of the title of Knight of the Italian Republic (Cavaliere della Repubblica) for sporting merits, the only case in pigeon sport.

2004 - 2010

Best performances – No double prices mentioned – New Millenium.

13 Olympic pigeons

Explosion of the races results :

  • 95 times 1st – 106 times 2nd – 89 times 3rd
  • 32 golden pigeon F.C.I.
  • Golden ring F.C.I. :
  • 61 times the Old Pigeons – 30 times the Yearling Pigeons – 28 times the Young Birds
  • 18 Golden Wing

In total 74 Ace Pigeons of which 26 times 1st – 16 times 2nd

Further than :

  • 100 Championships at the 1st prize
  • 134 National prizes of which 51 times 1st – 34 times 2nd
  • 5 Times Best loft of Italy F.C.I.
  • 89 Golden Feathers of which 61 times 1st – 14 times 2nd


2011 – 2015 . He visited China for the Internationa Exibition at Lanfang, near Beijng. He had his own stand with pigeons to show in this pigeons exibition recognized as the most important of Asia and perhaps of the entire world.

He accepted to visit also Albania beeing invited to attend to a local pricegiving and to the opening of the Albania One Loft Race. It was an exciting experience staying togheter with all Balcanic pigeons fanciers arriving from Bosnia, Kossovo, Montenegro. He partecipate to the Olympics at Budapest with the stand of the Italian Champions Group. At the end he visited also his friend Sorin Florea in Bucharest, one of the finest and valuable loft in Europa due to the presence of excellent pigeons. An agreement as been signed for thr team Carboni-Florea, where pigeons from Carboni like Spider, Dream and Ikarus will be the base of important new crossbreds.

He partecipated to the Very Long Distance Championship, from Brindisi, 753 Km and 3184 pigeons, he gained the 1st and the 6th price.From Masseria Caputi, 742 Km and 1437 pigeons, he gained the 1st price, and the 2nd price in the Championship, the 2nd as AS PIGEON male and 3rd as AS PIGEON female.

He had three pigeons selected for the Bucarest Europa Cup 2016. At FCI level he gained the 2nd National Champion of Italy, 1st and 2nd National Speed Male, 1st National Team Female,2nd Nationa Long Distance Female, 3rd National Team Marathon. Three pigeons were selected for the Olympics Budapest 2015, Karima, Hannibal and Nerone.

At provincial level he gained the 1st General Championship ( seven consecutive years), General Championship Female, 1st Championship for Speed, Medium Distance and Long Distance. He received also three FCI Golden Ring (As Pigeons General, Female and Male, two FCI Golden-Silver Ring for the Yearlings,two FCI “Colombino d’oro”, 1st As Pigeons Speed, Medium and Long Distance.

2016 - 2019

The results achieved in these years are on line with those of the previous seasons , both concerning won prizes and Golden , Silver-Gold and Silver rings by FCI, male and Female. In the 2017 Mr. Carboni has participated to the Olympiads in Bruxelles with one pigeon. Furthermore in 2019 he has participated to the Olympiads in Polonia with prizes and results referred to 2017 and 2018 seasons). Due to this excellent performance Mr. Carboni is still on the top parade with 8 selected pigeons, it is a world record!

New pigeons entered in the Carboni’s lofts from Portuguese fancier David Barros Madeira, and from  dutch G&C Koopman loft.

The year 2018 may be considered as the best season of a lifetime, the completed results are listed in a dedicated page in the Chapter “Results“.

Current lines raised and present in the breeding lofts motivating the choices.

Eros has always followed the main trends of the international homing pigeons, and after the knowledge and experience gained throughout Europe, it has developed interesting ambitions following the new frontiers of this sport.

It has established relations with North Africa, in particular with Morocco considered an emerging country in the international homing pigeons. Not least was his attention to the East and Asian countries. It has activated collaborations with these countries based on exchanges of pigeons and cognitions in the sports, medical and managerial fields for an increasingly modern and innovative management of the pigeon lofts.

China undoubtedly represents an immense source for the homing pigeons sport, and Eros, always very attentive to the evolution of the world-wide development of the pigeon, has built solid foundations to actively dialogue with that country. The recent collaboration with Mary Yang, of China origins, is a concrete sign of Eros’s desire to bypass the wall of the different cultural and linguistic traditions, in order to actively present itself so as to satisfy each other’s knowledge.

The Temple of Italian pigeons Sport by Eros Carboni

The book has been issued in 2009 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Mr. Carboni and half century as pigeon fancier. The book is reach of pictures relevant to VIP visitors in the loft of Mr. Carboni, far friends near of heart, Blue room Glory & Story pictures, headquarters of Mr. Carboni and a gallery of pictures relevant to his best family of top pigeons.

The Carboni Team