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One Loft Race – Rimini – Super Derby, OLR in CHINA hebei Beijing

Mola di Bari – Km 501

On 24th of September 2020 we report the fantastic result in the Super Derby from Mola di Bari, 501 Km, for youngs 2020, obtained by Mr. Andrea Fogado, Gerenzano (Como) – Italy. He won the first price with the pigeon IT- 89206, arriving alone in a very hard day, adverse wind and 30°C temperature with almost an hour advantage on a Germany pigeon/fancier.

The second pigeons of Mr. Fogado, IT 89207, brother of the first, arrived at 19.31.30, when dark was already come down.

This great result has been achieved with pigeons derived from Carboni loft, male Koopman and female Spider strain, and  form Ervin Laro Loft, Brother China and Tenda strain.


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On 12th October 2020, from China at One Loft Race HEBEI (Beijing), final race over 500Km with 5750 pigeons in competition, a friend of us has arrived 53th with a pigeon from our loft, the pigeon is a grandson of the Golden pair The Car and Louise.