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Eros Carboni

Via Guido da Bagnolo, 41
42011 Bagnolo in Piano
Reggio Emilia – Italy


The great Maestro has arrived at the door of  70 years age, a life with pigeons at the highest successful on every level, uninterrupted in the last 40 years, close to 35 Olympic pigeons, unique in the world, what confirms the legend.

The 1975 can be dated as the professional beginning of Eros Carboni as Pigeons Amatory Sport man, starting a very long Olympic and sportive carrier

The Lofts 1 and 2 constitute the “Factory of the Champions”, 17 Boxes for each Loft with the best selected breeders

The competitions results of the 2018 and 2019 sportive seasons  at every level

whispers from Taiwan

In the recent years we have been following the Italian pigeons with increased interest. We just did not know them before. The latest extraordinary 4 prizes won by Mr. Carboni's birds in international races (three of them were flown in Asia) make us thinking that Italian pigeons will play a very important part in the future of our sport.I had the honour of showing my loft to Mr. Carboni and such visit convinced me that he is the real "Maestro" in breeding and racing pigeons.

Mr. Hsin I Chen President of Taiwan Flying Pigeon Federation and Asian Federation of Pigeon Association Vice President

whispers from Hungary

From more than 10 years it's very nice to have a pure and mutual friendship with Eros and Andrea, in our environment it is a great commitment to speak of friendship, and when then it's sincere and ulra decennial, becomes a rarity. Eros above all in the first years has asked me much, included the parents of First Lady, Olympic Champion in Basel, category D. I have sufffered, didn't sleep many nights, but in virtue of the existing relationship.,I gave up and I'm proud what this served to enter and take a part in an important structure of his invincible colony.

Peller Jòzsef Olympic Champion Basel (1997) - Olympic Champion Lievin (2003) - World Champion South Africa (2001)

whispers from The Netherland

When some time ago Mr. Carboni asked me for something special in order to bring new blood into his loft and keep his pigeons success trough the years, I thought he was joking. I know how much over-meticolous he is when he has to make choices aboute the future. He was not joking at all!. So I thought to myself that something would not be enough to satisfy hie request. I had to give him something "more" than special!. An I did my best to be up his expectations. It is not easy to cut a good figure when you deal with someone who sent four pigeons to the last Olympiads.

Gerard & Cornelis Koopman Netherland fancier

whispers from Japan

It has always been an honour for me to meet and shake Mr. Carboni'hand, but when it happened after his wonderful victory in the King'Cup, Thailand, I felt it was a very special and meaningful event. Today Mr. Eros Carboni deserves of being the only aknowledged ambassador of the Italian racing pigeon sport in the world. He came personally to the Olympiads in Tokyo in 1081, and I wish I can welcome him as soon as possible in Japan for our new One Loft Race.

Mr. Teiji Uemura President of Japan Racing Pigeon Assiociation and Asian Federation of Pigeon Association President

whispers from Romania

I have been knowing Mr. Eros Carboni only for few years by now, but I feel like I have known hin for a long time. Though we live 1500 km far apart, we have shared the same experiences. We both have aleays bred pigeons, and in the same way we have suffered and rejoice for our success in practicing this wonderful sport. It is a matter of affinity and similarity of character! We both bear passion for pigeons in our hearts and none can take such passion away. I think that there are feelings of total mutual friendship and respect between us.

Florin Moldovan President of Rumanian Racing Pigeon Federation, member of the International Racing Pigeon Federation

whispers from Kuwait

It was an honour to know Mr. Eros Carboni personally during my honeymoon travel Italy, it was programmed also for it, and it was not easy to reach the objective. That meeting remain unforgettable for the hospitality and the wisdom received. In following I had the good point to receive some of his pigeons, who have adapted with glory immediately at our ecosystem of deserts hot temperatures.

Abdullah Al Falah Pigeon fancier, Kuwait City

whispers from Philippine

In over 40 years of experience with racing pigeons, I have seen many excellent lofts all over the world. But I have to say Mr. Eros Carboni's pigeons loft is the most excellent, a rare loft indeed!.Every year there are pigeon races abroad international races-win every year excellent performances and yarly produces so many excwllwnt top birds! .Eros Carboni's pigeons have brought him to be an undispute leader in Italy and they are on the top in the world with the victory of the King Cup in Bangkok, Thailand, and international One Loft Race in many countries, I want to personally congratulate hin for his succes !.

Johnny Ngo Tin See Organizer of the Philippine S.S.A.A. International One Loft Race, Former President of P.H.A. and Advisor

whispers from China

From million fanciers of the Planet, everyone is good and winning, but the global reality is different, the chamions set themselves up to a maximum level are rare in every country, and always few in international context, if then following one another of successes cross undamaged decades the rose thin enormous and the petals are becoming rarest. Between the rarities, it's a protagonist in full title, the unquestioned champion EROS CARBONI, the his undertaking has crossed borders and continent.

Mr. Wu Yijian President of Ginwa Group

whispers from Italy

Bagnolo in Piano is a small but very brilliant and busy town, where people produce and export abroad goods and services of high quality. Practised for almost 100 years by now, racing pigeon sporting activity has got deep roots in our community. Mr Eros Carboni is an extraordinary example of this great tradition. He is a model citizen who has widened the horizons of this beautiful sport and has helped our town to become a point of reference for racing pigens fanciers from all over the world.

Claudio Filippini The Mayor of Bagnolo in Piano

wispers from The Netherland

In the lofts of Mr. Carboni I found an own strain of pigeons developed during many years of hard racing in Italy in difficult enviroments. It was for this very successful, thoroughbred family Mr. Carboni was looking for crossbred material. Knowing what excellent birds the offspring of my family would meet, I sent the very best of may family to Italy. The results Mr. Carboni had were unbelievable and achieved with his birds, taking part in many National Ace, titles and selected pigeons on different Olympiads. I'm very proud about this as it is showing what a fantastic breeders and racer Mr. Carboni is. Hat off !!!

Prof. Steven van Breemen Netherland Fancier

whispers from China

My great passion about the pigeons, pushed me to find good pigeons in Italy. I know very well the Italian weather conditions, and I believe that the italian pigeons are not bad than others. I looked for many times in my travels to Italy across another fanciers to arrive to Mr Carboni, but it wasn't easy. I found a wall of difficulties, only now I'm understanding why, it was quite jelousy. I managed finally his address, and I compared immediately a great availability, I perceived instantly an immense sportmanship. The meeting and others successive meetings have meant to be arrived on the highest step of the pigeon 's sport, it's the purest relationship of the friendship.

Mr Li Xin President of Italy - China Pigeon

whispers from the Netherland

When we had the pleasure to know Mr Cav. Eros Carboni some years ago, we realized at once that meeting with him was not an ordinary event. His heart was beating just like ours and he reveled himself as a great racing pigeon expert. In few words, he was a pure champion at first sight ! After taking note of his value we did not hesitate in supplying him with our most legendary pigeons. Mr Carboni chose the Van Loon Grijs strain and skilfully crossed them with his own best pigeons. Such crossbreeding gave birth to a dynasty of invincible birds that are today well known all over the world as ALIEN'S FAMILY.

Hans Eijerkamp & Son Netherland Pigeon Fancier


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