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GLOBAL LEADER in the pigeon racing

It 's very difficult today to rank the best pigeon fanciers exist, but among them no doubt Cav. Eros Carboni belong to them, with his 26 Olympic pigeons, almost exclusively in the Sports category, unique fancier in the history of pigeon racing, that attest World Olympic Record.

In addition to his amazing performances, which are reconfirmed year after year for more than a quarter century, and no one else has ever endured so much on the top, the confirmation is due to a growing demand for pigeons, considered the value proved  in every continent.

Socials often talk about, there are rumors of a sixth sense in making pairs, of little miraculous hands, but Cav. Carboni minimizes this metropolitan legends,  rather he credited merit to the exceptional  pigeons that are  the dovecote, and  in the know how to choose the inclusion of a few topical at subjects, that  at the moment are the best anywhere.

Some interpret the curiosity of many pigeon fanciers we asked the Cav. Carboni the possibility of a good talk about his experiences, we thank

Q. Cav. Carboni  we see that you  travels so much abroad for pigeons and often deserts national events, the national environment is perhaps too narrow for you?

A. The Italian pigeon racing has given me much, much pleasure, but also disappointments to no end, just think of the more than 100 doping controls suffered, from which I have always come out white. The local environment is the most dangerous, must be very careful to drafts, the low blows, false friends and backstabbing, but now I have made antibodies and meanness leave them to their failures, once made me angry now I just make fun because it is facts. At the national level I have no problems, I'm fine with all but I have not the gift of ubiquity.

I do not share the unjust attacks aimed to FCI because everything possible is made in good faith, if sometimes makes wrong is just to try to settle a bit for all, and these people are those regularly elected. Besides, goes hand in hand with the progress of pigeon racing in Italy.

I'm so sorry that those who are good in criticizing and who think to have the magic wand do not expose themselves in the first person but behind other nickname, with a clear program shared by pigeon fanciers and lend themselves to pull the wagon. We would all be happy, but until now they were not credible, we hope for the future and we will see ..

Q. Would it be fair to specify what you mean in saying that the FCI goes hand in hand with the progress of the Italian pigeon racing

A. It 'very simple and I give an example, when you remember several years ago in an similar interview I said "fortunately that in Italy there are many Romanians and other foreigners who make pigeon racing in our country. " This statement almost cost me a lynching, many complain about what I said, it takes a lot of courage to say such nonsense etc ..

I realize that probably I created some problems, but only due to their young exuberance, the passion and to the many sacrifices they make to keep the pigeons, and a much broader view to pigeon racing. We must have the courage to look around us, what is our target? if there had been not a careful FCI now, without foreigners, would not exist so many groups and maybe even the FCI.

And to those, and there are many who look only to their backyard and to the cardboard medal that probably would win with no glory and competition, I mean that they often are the brakes on the Italian pigeon racing.

Q. Which trips have you recently made  for pigeons?

A. I consider myself very lucky because I have several true friends around the world and too many invitations of which only partly could be realized.  Attract me the news and the emerging countries, the new experiences that I have never done, the new challenges and the pleasure to test my pigeons also where they never dared.

After separation of the pigeons, the first stop was China, is always a positive experience despite being more than 20 times that I go back, it is a country that is experiencing a remarkable evolution in the field of pigeon racing, there are always many new things that never end to amaze.

This time my Chinese interlocutor organized a stand at the International Exhibition of Lanfang, a city near Beijing,  where since many years there is the most impressive event for Asia pigeon fanciers and perhaps for all the planet. I am the lonely Italian among the giants supported by Pipa, that in addition to the picturesque presentation of the pigeons took advantage to deliver truckloads of Pipa catalogs translated into Chinese. There was to be afraid and worry for the flop was in the air, but from the beginning it was clear that there was nothing to be ashamed of, and indeed, it was a success in all and further confirmation that the Italian pigeons are second to none.

After a few days I accepted the pressing invitation of Albanians pigeon fanciers to attend a local awards, I must confess that I was a bit skeptical before I left, but I immediately changed my mind as I put my feet on the ground. The Albanian people has a deep sense of hospitality, attention and makes you eat so much, for everything, and everything better than the other. From a pigeon racing point of view, they  are a bit in the grass, but beginners are pure, do not know the secrets, do not know the products, envy, and devote themselves to each other, selfless pure state.

The reason for the award ceremony that took me over there, at  the end proved to be an event beyond any imagination, and from which we should all take a lesson; in an old castle outside Tirana was present the best of the country of the Eagles and the entire Balkan area, choreography and dream kitchen, awards for all and especially the confirmation that the pigeon is the greatest messenger of peace exists, seeing Bosnians, Serbs, Kosovo’s, Montenegrins, that until recently were shooting  each others with hundreds of deaths on both sides, now love for this passion brings them closer, pleased to have lunch together, laughing, dancing and exchanging pigeons. All this I think is the best win of pigeon racing.

The leave was poignant, perhaps a bit of the blame goes to the alcohol, and the last race was between them when they want to accompany to the airport at 4 am, unforgettable experience, to be framed, and I am very happy in helping them with modest advices to make pigeon racing more and more beautiful, and placing them in the context of FC International.

Following in a moment came the Olympics and we all met in Budapest, the stand of the Italian Champions Group that now since many Olympics honors Italian pigeons. As someone has already pointed out is increasingly crowded and appreciation for our pigeons is palpable, and with the help of the praiseworthy Andrea,  the cages becomes  quickly empty, despite the prices. It is now certain that the Italian pigeons are a good opportunity also considered by the big European pigeon racing, the blood of our pigeons was also present in some Olympic pigeons of other countries, as our Helm Leader Giuseppe Cogliati, that even had two children of his pigeons in the Hungarian Olympic team.

Budapest has been very constructive and nice for our pigeon racing due to Italian podiums, but also due to  new friends that thanks to "Mary", has been possible to open dialogue with many Asian pigeon fanciers attending. But I fear that as always our pigeon fanciers do not know how to catch  the favorable moment around us and that they prefer to grumble about their failures.

And last I could not pay tribute to my friend SORIN FLOREA in Bucharest and its new dovecote, undoubtedly among the most beautiful in Europe, but certainly the most valuable as the content. Exceptional pigeons, the best, fought to the Chinese for hundreds of thousands of euro on vip Pipa auctions, the only one in Europe that dared so much and invested assets, but with the pigeons in hand I must say that he did well.

I was very surprised because in the midst of excellence I found more than 60 pigeons of mine, even half of them directly from my dovecote, all others rounded up by other countries and Romania, and it was beautiful revise pigeons now forgotten but full topical.

This was another testimony that an original pedigree Carboni always has a sure and real value, which does not take into account of inflation.

But the most difficult task was the duty to couple my pigeons with the most disputed of Europe, I assure you it was not easy and a great responsibility, pure phobia because a professional photographer since early morning staring and recorded my every reflection, move, doubts ....very embarrassing! but fortunately the company was great and we joked a lot.

And in the end it was born an important agreement that strengthens the "Team Carboni-Florea" for cooperation that certainly will be talked about and involving pigeons of international prestige with my major subjects like Spider-Dream-Ikarus, etc.. To learn more see