Thursday, February 21, 2019

Let's speak about Doping

Let’s speak about Doping

As reported  in an interview  published on an Italian Pigeon Magazine, last March, to  a precise question relevant to the secret of his successes, Eros answered as follows : “ for sure there is not the 17 BETABOLDENONE, but exceptional pigeons and an incredible reproductive faculty that since many years allow me to graze the 60% average of delivered pigeons in the pricing list among the total of competitions,  furthermore there is a lot of work,  try to understand more than others …..


Strong and nice sentence, but still not satisfactory in respect of the curiosity of many fanciers,  most precisely fanciers belonging to the same Club of Eros. So they well thought to go deeper bitten by the bug of jealousy and persistent doubt,  so deep to propose to FCI a formal request of Doping Control to Eros pigeons.

Such request has been immediately accepted and with an uninspected surprise, by the night of the last 19th June, during the basketing operations for the competition from Masseria Caputi (742 km distance, Regional and interregional competition),  a doping commission arrived in the Club with the task to make all the necessary investigations for the doping control on the Eros Carboni pigeons. 

In this way the pigeons have been manipulated several time to allow the complete exploitation of all the control doping procedure. At the end the pigeons have been basketed accompanied by the obviously worry of Eros due to that supplementary tossing on his pigeons.

The competition had a regular course on the 21st of June with 1437 pigeons, 179 fancier  lofts, travelling at an average speed of 1259 m/m.

The performance results show three pigeons of Eros in the first 5 positions at interGruppo level, that are :

1st (Hannibal), 3rd (Vendola) and 4th.

For sure such results have been seen with a lot of suspicion due to the doping control still on course and requested by the fanciers of the same club of Eros, society Tricolore of Reggio Emilia, and the suspicion has been lasting till the date of 8th of July 2014, when by a short report the FCI informed mr.  Eros Carboni that the analysis on his pigeons were negative, no forbidden elements by the FCI anti doping rules have been found.

A double satisfaction ! The first for the sporting victory gained by his pigeons, the second for the moral victory referred to the battle that Eros fights since many years against the envy and the slanders of his detractors. Now thanking all of them Eros’s pigeons have been certified and officially recognized by an International anti doping Laboratory not positive, and therefore “exceptional pigeons and endowed with an incredible reproductive faculty”.

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Ad majora !!!!!!