Saturday, January 19, 2019


1st  REGIONAL from BRINDISI 752 Km

It’s Saturday the 7th of June, an implacable sun, since the down, and the real first African heat of the season, leaves all of us with the open mouth searching fresh water. The day was just reporting the most important competition of the sport season on the long distance.

It’s the Regional Competition for the FCI, with delivery  of 3184 pigeons, representing  the best  of 308 fanciers, specialized on long distance competition, over 200 Km distribution range on the flight line. Starting time : 6.00 a.m..

All the above didn’t  worry IKARUS, a wonderful  stallion, three years old, veteran of long distance competitions, that like a meteorite  arrived in Bagnolo, north of Reggio Emilia, in a very hot environment at a temperature of 34° C., dispersing all the furious rivalry and the “anti-airplane” block made by the strong fanciers from Modena and Bologna located many Km in advance and several minute distant classified .   

After a short time VENDOLA arrived, a lateyearling, delivered as a punishment, and due to his “strange” diversity and indecision, preferred to remain on the roof of the loft several minutes. All the competition has been a follow on of  strong emotions, resulting 10 pigeons positioned in the very high section of the classification over 18 pigeons delivered, for some of them this competition was representing the last chance, and all of them returned back at home.

By a friend