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Shortly after the second world war, from a modest family of hard workers in the province Reggio Emilia, EROS CARBONI was born at July 11th,1949.Maybe it was destiny or just pure coincidence, but Reggio Emilia is the capital of the Italian pigeon sport, and July is the most prestigious month of the pigeon races.
The childhood of Eros was marked for a great love for nature and animals in particular; so much that, rather than to learn, he often found himself on the trees to control the nests of the birds or on the bench of the river with the aim to fish,and already his passion for the pigeons was present. More then the interest to study.

At age of 10 he had already some pigeons and when he was 12 years of age he took part in his first races, the beginning of his pigeon sport career, what probably will accompany him during his entire life.
He discovered very soon that Italy was limited for his ambition of to deepen and to know and at the age of 17 he cached the train and traveled 1200 km into Belgium where his uncle lived that knew many pigeon fanciers. Soon he drove his uncle mad for his continuous request to visit important pigeon fanciers everywhere in Belgium. The local pigeon fanciers had great respect for his young age and the big passion. He returned home with some pigeons of which he still keeps the strain in his loft. But above all, he developed many longtime friendships that opened for him in the future the door of the real success.
Eros, always very pragmatic, accelerated the most important stages of life in order to be economically independent and after all to become protagonist of the pigeon sport. After the military service in the paratrooper corps, where he has learned to fly an airplane, he chose as a profession for the sector of internal furnishing.
Then he got married and the Eros family got two children, Simone and Veronica, who at this point are adults,graduates and engaged in the same interests of the family. Those days were difficult in his life. He realized that the passion that beat in his heart was still very important, but it was a period he had to work hard and therefore was forced to neglect a little on his favorites.
Racing pigeons was done by trustworthy loft managers.
Next he moved to Modena, neighboring city with Reggio Emilia, but on the level of the pigeon sport considered inferior, though it's the second for the importance in Italy.
1975 can be dated as the professional start of Eros Carboni in pigeon sport, he could free himself of his job a little, built new lofts, recovered the best of his old strain and crossed them with personally selected stock from brothers Janssen-Fabry-Desmet Matthijs-Matriche Peloso.
The cocktail gave birth to exceptionally subjects and at 1978 was born NEGRITO 187047-78, a super crack, who was in 1980 the best pigeon of Italy. From then on great success followed one another till 1983. In that year he bought a big housc ncar Modena and also hircd an excellent loft manager. He built nice and spacious loAs in the gardcn, where transferred all bred youngsters of that year togelher with the best breedcrs, while the racing pigeons were sold in a memornble auction that same winier. In this period Eros was invited to enter in the politics of the Italian pigeon sport, where he was elected at the firsi presentation in the Council of the Italian Federation, a post he still holds today and he also is an international judge for 20years. In the new lofts were bred extraordinary and unrepeatable individuals, real non-stop flying machines, in particular:

  • IL POLACCO 108859-84, Gold Pigeon of the FCI, three gold ring, and 2° Olympic Katowice 1989
  • EUFEMIO 236548-85, Gold Pigeon of FCI, 1° Ace of flying FCI, 1° Gold Ring 1988, 1° Olympic Katowice 1989
  • OLIMPICO 236438-85, 1° Provincial, 2° Interprovincial S. Eufemia km 780, 2° National Expo category Ace, two gold rings, 3° Olympic Katowice 1989

** going to remember, at 1989 in the Olympia of Poland the three pigeons mentioncd higher up were the 1°-2° -and the 3° of the Italians in the Sport category.
At 1985 was bom also DEMSTER 236481-85, Gold Pigeon of the FCI, 1° Gold Ring 1989, 1° Best. Pigeon of Long Distance 1990
1° Provincial 2° Interpovincial Brindisi km 740 cp. 7069 1989 1° Provincial 1° Interprovincial Brindisi km 740 cp, 5532 1990.
At 1986 was born the " 43 " 53643-86, super crack without limits
1° Ciold Ring 1990
1° Gold Ring 1991
Gold Pigeon of the FCI
1° Provincial For.mia km 450
2° National Otranto km 800 2' Provincial Belvedere km 710 has cover 20.000 km at prize. His brothers, born in successive years, weren't of less quality.
At 1987 going to mentioned the MARZIANO 152497-87, a flying monster, 24.000 km at prize, 1° National Crotone km 800, two gold rings, Gold Ring of the FCI. MARZIANO is also the FATHER OF L'ALIENA, breeder of the basis pair.
Another super crack of this year is FUME 152415-87, Gold Pigeon of the FCI, 1° GOLD RING l 993,70 prizes on 70 races unique in Italy.
It's right to remember that these resounding successes were realized because of two remarkiable lines, bought in those years from Jozsef Peller of Budapest and Norbert Norman.
To win became very easy and because of not really engaged personally, he was loosing the pleasure of the competitions until somebody insinuated: in the club of Modena it was casy to excel, in Reggio Emilia it would have been more difficult!
He decided so to accept the challenge, and began to look for a new property, in the province of Reggio Emilia, adequate of his requirement, valued various solutions, and his choice fell on Bagnolo in Piano (RE), the village that saw him grow up in the pigcon sport from his child's age. He bought a monumental house, to restructure almost completely, very good for pigeons because it equipped of an area enclosed.
But the passion of Eros for the pigeons never was shared by Mrs Carboni and found himself in front of a big dilemma: have to choose between the wife and the pigeons! Eros chose!
In the same perioanother thought persecuted: Maybe to compete in Reggio Emilia was more difficult, and his exceptional champions of Modena, even if winning, would probably meet the difficulty to measure themselves with the "Formula 1" pigeons of Reggio Emilia.
For "safety reasons" he has renewed old friendship with brother Janssen of Arendonk-Jos Van Limp "De Klak" of Reusel, and above all he knew the great maesiro Prof. Steven Van Breemen of Hilversum.
He set his eye on the mythical Van Loon, and its were really latcron, the Van Breemen, what gave a lesson of power for everybody, later crossed with the Van Loon, to from a new linc (Van Brcemen-Van Loon) now well-known as "VAN FOORT FAMILY" what in local dialect means "GO STRONG".
The Carboni residence, completely restructured, rises imposing in middle of centuries-old trees in the Commune of Bagnolo in Piano, not far from Reggio Emilia, capital of the Italian pigeon sport. The villa in liberty style, built over one century ago on the ruins of a convent, is a phce what unites the modern story with the legcnd, where the true modem story determined by the implacable pigeons of Eros, who did change the natural line of flight of pigeons, what for decennium characterized the program of the Italian races.
When Eros decided to buy the actual residence, defined The temple of the Italian pigeon sport and reference point of numerous pigeon fanciers from around the world, his dearest friends dissuaded him because in tbis zone the pigeons arrive always after, exact in virtue of the not optimal flying line. But Eros, as a good headstrong how defines oneself, forever persuaded, that the line of flight is set out by the pigeons that fly in front of others and once again he won the bet.
Since then Eros is the undisputed leader of the Italian pigeon sport. Never anybody has succeeded to remain so long on the highest step of the podium, also because the very difficult Italian program is extremely intensive, the adult pigcons take part in average 15 races in season with a minimum of 4 long distance races, while the young pigeons compete on 8 championship races and another 2 races for 500 km.
The geographic area not favours the pigeons, they normally are released deep South of Italy (Sicilia) and to arrive in the North, where the biggest concentration of the pigeon sport is located. In the long route the pigeons have to cross strokes of sea, high and medium mountains, and difficulties determined by the climatic conditions: In March, when the training starts, fog and rain are of routine, from May on humid and warm,often near the 40°C and often frequently accompanied by mist. All these difficulties stimulate Eros more and more, who aim to beat the own records and his partner in life Andrea, who over to be a good assistance, also his N°1 fan and obstinate supporter.
In this year for example: - 4 Olympic pigeons in France 2003.
A sport season what hasn't happen ever before in the history of the Italian pigeonsport and civil honour: the conferring fom the President of the Italian Republic, of the title Cavalier of the Italian Republic for sporting merits, sole case in the pigeonsport.