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The most important one loft races of August in Europe, however the opposite climatic conditions to the typology of the Italian pigeons, never it's possible to exclude the ITALIAN CHAMPIONS' GROUP from the Top ten of the champions at the moment.

14 August

Rumania, one loft race BALCANIC FAIR PLAY, final race from Greece km 500, high mountains on all distance, temperature around the 40 degrees have allowed only 14 pigeons to return back in loft at the evening, between they could not lack a pigeon with the Italian flag, classified 8th International of the final race.

17 August

Belgium, one loft race BELGIAN MASTER, final race from France km 460, gale, strong rain and 15 degrees of temperature has sure conditioned the final result of this great manifestation, 8 pigeons together with high average and then the empty for 45 minutes. Perhaps the pigeons for the wind and much people have nearly all for many minutes stopped on the roof, excluded 2 pigeons of the first group, although also the ITALIAN CHAMPIONS' GROUP was present here, and could be also 1st or the 2nd since they were together, it's the 6th International and goes well thus, together with the 4,000 euro won, and a special result in the auction of the first 10 where it has been stated that countries much more upper class have less desirable pigeons of the Italian pigeons, assisting to a beautiful "blow and answer" between China and England that the better one has had.

But it's with pride that also in all races valid in precedence for ACE PIGEON, ITALY was the great protagonist without to leave the podium stopping itself for long time the 1st ACE PIGEON, the racing pigeons' world has been able to admire the Italian flag to wave and overlap to all the others flags. A magnificent trophy and the heads of all newspapers of the sector dismiss us from Belgium to which it goes a thanks for the great organization and for the unique hospitality that it honors to us and it demonstrates for us that it's a country the same without prejudice, where who has believed more than others, has documented with many facts that in Italy exceptional pigeons exist and it compete from the racing pigeons' world.